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1901 - 1907 Mechanics Made Easy

1907 - 1926 Nickle Period

1926 - 1934 Burgandy and Dark Green Period

1934 - 1937 Blue and Gold Lettered A-L Sets

1937 - 1940 Blue and Gold Numbered Sets

1945-1955 Early Red and Green Period

1956-1962 Late Red and Green Period

1962-1969 The Themed Sets Period

1970-1977 The Blue Box Period

1978-80 Last Days of Binns Road

How to Download the Manuals

The manuals come in pdf form and provided you have a pdf program

(nearly all computers do but if not just follow the links below:-

the manuals should open up in your browser where it can be saved to your hard disk for future use. The links on the left will take you to the manuals from each main periods of Meccano History



The Supermodels

From 1928 to 1936 model plans were published in leaflet form by Meccano Ltd. as "The Meccano Supermodels".