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Throughout the history of Mechanics Made Easy and Meccano despite many changed to sets and new parts there had been a relationship between the contents of the range from new sets to old in other words the changes have not been that great. Indeed up until 1978 the biggest changes had been in the 1930's with the change from set 1-7 to the lettered sets A - L back to numbers 0-10. Now in 1978 a complete reorganization of the main meccano range was ordered.

Out went sets 1-10 and in came sets A and 1-5 bearing no resemblance in content to the previous sets. The sets where smaller, used different parts along with a number of new parts making model making simpler. and therefore quicker to build. Sets 2 - 5 contained motors another departure from Meccano convention. All the sets where packed in bright modern white boxes along with entirely new colour manuals. Two new sets where introduced on a futuristic space theme, Space 2501 and Meccanoids.

This change was too late by 1979 Meccano Ltd could not keep up its financial obligations and went into receivership. Meccano is still available in the shops today. Airfix went into liquidation in 1981 with Meccano General Mill (USA) it has gone through various owners and transformation now bearing no resemblance to the sets 1 -10 of the early 1970's but nearer to the sets A - 5 of the late seventies however considerable changes have been made to both parts and contents

Meccano Periods


1909 -1926










Manuals for this period

Outfit I

Outfit 1 Extra

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4


Crane Construction Set

Army Construction Set

Combat Construction Set



Sets in this Period
Set No Year Notes
  1973 Army
  1976 Crane
A 1978  
1 1978  
2 1978  
3 1978  
4 1978  
5 1978  
  1978 Combat
  1978 Meccanoids
Motors in this Period
Number Year Description
1 1912  
Magic 1932  
E15R 1962 12 volt Electric motor
  1965 3-12 Volt Electric with Gearbox
  1965 Steam Engine